Early introduction of books – our reading journey

We started reading books together when the baby was 2.5 months. First time, it was not a very conscious selection of books but random pick of two books from a super store in Bangalore. With alternate full page of long texts and some pictures, these were not books for babies. However, it exposed us to the joy of reading together. I enjoyed watching her respond to words and objects and for the baby newness of the activity. In next few days, I researched on children books and we ended up building a mini library of more than hundred books. I collected a number of books by National Book Trust, which has a beautiful collection of children books.

In next few posts, I will write about the books that we have been enjoying in different phases: Upto 6-7 months: Till the baby started holding and grabbing objects, I was reading normal paper books, with long stories, capturing different expressions to make storytelling fun.
Our five favorite books from this phase that we still love are:
1) Gajapati Kulapati
2) Chanda Ginti Bhul Gaya
3) Lost and Found
4) Storm in the Garden
5) Haathi aur Bhawanre ki Dosti

Each of these books have beautiful engaging stories, simple pictures and easy to identify objects.


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