Demand for more and more reading- Our reading journey

In the third post, I am jumping to the present. Reading has become our sacred ritual in the evening, the child selects on her own, picks up and brings to the bed. One of the severest punishments for her is mama not reading to her. Some days when I am too tired to read the entire selection, we negotiate and most of the time I have to give up to demand.

We rotate a certain stack of books every 15-20 days. It helps us in reading the old books as well the new ones.

During this phase, we subscribed to Flintobox, which keeps the child engaged for hours. Every box comes up with a book that are pure delight. Thanks for the amazing concept.

At some point I looked for Sanskrit books for children was disappointed at complete absence children literature in Sanskrit, not even National Book Trust publishes Sanskrit version. Then we discovered books by Samskrita Baalasahitya Parishad and we loved all the three published by them.

Recently, I came across bilingual books for different age group. Thanks to Tulika Publishers for this very important initiative in a multilingual country like ours. Nothing like learning multiple languages at an early age.

Listing five favourite books is difficult, so we have more in the list:
1. Silver by Walter de la Mare The child loves transformation of moon as a cat.

2. Meet Zippy by Anitha Balachandran Anitha Balachandran. We remember all the characters by name. We also have role play around Zippy Zebra, Chikki Monkey, Giri Gharial, Cheenu Cheetah and all of them.
3. Postman bear by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler
4. Cave Baby by Julia Donaldson and Emily Gravett
5. How Krishna Fought the Demons by Bhakti Mathur Amma Tell Me and Maulshree Somani.
6. Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendark
7. Don’t Wake Up The Lion by Anna Claybourne and Lee Wildish
8. My best-ever pop-up Space book by DK.
9. Purple Jojo by Sameera Zia Qureshi Tulika Publishers Now, everything purple seems to have fallen from a Jamun tree! Such a beautiful and simple book.
10. Balmati Ki Bhains by Sonika Kavi. We just twist the story in the last few pages to mask the emotion of jealousy in the village.
11. Tiger on a Tree by Anushka Ravishankar and Pulak Biswas.
12. A Squash and a Squeeze by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

Sanskrit books by Samskrita Baalasahitya Parishad
1. Shanai Shanai by Sampadananda Mishra
2. Kim Bho Bala Aksharmala
3. Saptvarnam Chirapatangam

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